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Landmark Recovery

Delving into Our Roots: Landmark Recovery

Born from a vision and unwavering spirit, Landmark Recovery was established with the ambition of ensuring addiction treatment is available for everyone. Our mission is to illuminate the path of transformation by equipping individuals with the instruments they need to conquer addiction, empowering them to be the champions of their narratives.

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What Defines the Landmark Experience?

Recognizing that each individual brings a distinct backstory and challenges, our approach zeroes in on personalized care. Our 40-hour weekly regimen, consisting of personal therapy, group sessions, and educational insights, is curated with the aim of delving deep into the origins of your addiction, potential triggers, and the route to rejuvenation. We pledge the time and expertise to guarantee you receive unparalleled care.

Expertise That Cares

Our medical team, comprising certified professionals, ensures a secure transition from substance reliance. Equipped with emergency medical expertise, we also cater to individuals needing intensified care. Our therapy specialists, holding master’s degrees and beyond, facilitate both individual and group sessions, crafting exhaustive recovery strategies. Furthermore, every member of our fraternity undergoes rigorous training, ensuring not only their excellence but also your triumphant recovery journey.

Clinically-Refined Programs

Our therapeutic programs, derived from rigorous medical and clinical research, are primed to provide consistent, stellar outcomes. Rooted in a treatment philosophy that’s stood the test of time, we seek to offer insights into the intricacies of addiction recovery and its significance to each individual. Each component of your treatment journey is interwoven, fortifying your path to enduring recovery.

A Legacy of Healing

With over 20,000 lives rejuvenated since 2016, our aspiration might be grand but is fuelled by an unwavering belief in the attainability of recovery. If addiction casts a shadow over your life, Praxis of Columbus by Landmark Recovery stands ready to assist. Join the multitude who’ve rediscovered their zest for life with us.